Why You Need To Go DEEP For Big Basin Crappie!

Why You Need To Go DEEP For Big Basin Crappie!

What is a basin? A basin is a natural depression on the surface of the land, which typically holds water. So, any natural lake is considered a basin.

However, a lake’s basin is the deepest part of the natural lake or pond, often centrally located. Basins can be in 15 feet, or they can be in 50 feet. It’s all relative to the specific lake.

During the winter months, crappie push out to the deep basins in search of food and security. Natural lakes with the limited structure hold the most basin crappies, mainly because the basin is the only suitable home for crappie at this time.

Lakes with more deep-rooted weeds or amble structure tend to have a lower percentage of their crappie in their basin. This is because the crappies in these lakes have so many more places to hang out.

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