Why Did Karl’s Mystery Tackle Box Change Their Name?

Why Did Karl's Mystery Tackle Box Change Their Name?

By now you’ve all seen Karl VonDibble’s rise to the CFO of this company. He’s overthrown the CEO, announced some BIG plans to launch his online tackle shop, and even somehow still had time for a few very long lunch breaks.

But, did you know HOW Karl’s Mystery Tackle Box got it’s name? Well, wonder no longer…

Karl’s Bait & Tackle Shop, and Karl’s Mystery Tackle Box, all spawned (pun intended) from Karl eating Kristy’s lunch here at the office. Almost as crazy of a lightbulb moment as when that apple fell on Thomas Jefferson’s head and he invented gravity.

Karl’s brilliant “a-ha” moment was great news for him, but even better news for all you anglers out there. Karl’s Bait & Tackle Shop is going to continue the mission Mystery Tackle Box has been carrying on for 6+ years. This new online tackle shop will help anglers discover new products and techniques, or directly purchase more of your favorite lures received in Mystery Tackle Boxes!

Mystery Tackle Box Name Change History

Mystery Tackle Box, Catch Co, and Karl’s Bait & Tackle Shop all started in a garage. Our first shipment of boxes went out in August of 2012. 440 little boxes of #HappyDances were sent out from our CEO’s garage, where he had bribed friends with pizza and beer to help him pack them by hand.

From there, Karl VonDibble joined the team. It was the job he was born to do, loading up his vest and waders and bringing happiness to as as many in the fishing community as possible.

With Karl being such a hit among anglers, especially on YouTube, it was a no-brainer when he came up with the idea to launch his own online tackle shop! Of course, he had to overthrow the current leadership, first…

Karl’s Bait & Tackle Shop

Karl’s Bait & Tackle Shop was created by Karl and the team with anglers in mind. Anglers want proven fish catchers, the ability to discover NEW products, and they want them all at a reasonable price. With that in mind, that’s exactly how Karl wants his tackle shop to be. There’s even Karl’s Club for added benefits!

All in all, that’s the story of why (and how) Mystery Tackle Box became Karl’s. But, no matter what you call us, we hope you enjoy our shop!

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