The dependable buzzbait | Bassmaster

The dependable buzzbait | Bassmaster

Texas Elite Series pro Lee Livesay fishes a soft plastic bait in place of a skirt “98% of the time.” When dealing with calm, clear water, he threads Netbait’s 3 1/4-inch Little Spanky Swimbait onto the hook of a 1/8-ounce buzzbait to tempt bites.

In most other situations he casts a 3/8- or 1/2-ounce Lunker Lure rigged with a white, black or green pumpkin pearl Zoom Horny Toad. He shoves the toad over the buzzbait’s head and secures it with a drop of super glue. He stressed that you must moisten the head of the buzzbait and push the toad over the head in one smooth motion to avoid tearing up the toad.

“The weight of the toad helps you cast farther, and it gives a bass something to grab and hold onto a little bit longer,” Livesay said. “A major thing, especially in fall time, is that I can skip a buzzbait with a toad under docks and bushes. That’s almost impossible with just a skirt.”

He begins casting a buzzbait in the spring when the water warms into the low 50s. He claimed that the ideal conditions at this time are light rainfall with a little bit of chop. When shad are spawning he fares better when the sun shines with a bit of wind.

“In fall you just throw the stupid thing whenever,” he said.

Buzzbait tackle

Bill Lowen: 6-foot, 11-inch, Lew’s Custom Lite Speed Stick Bladed Jig rod, a 6.8:1 gear ratio Lew’s Lite reel and 17-pound fluorocarbon line.

“A lot of guys have a tendency to pull a buzzbait away from the fish,” Lowen said. That rod gives the bait to them because it’s got a perfect parabolic action.”

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