The Best Tackle Tips For Bass Fishing You May Have Missed In June

The Best Tackle Tips For Bass Fishing You May Have Missed In June

Bass fishing is a sport that is loaded with tons of tips, hacks, and tricks that help anglers become better anglers and catch more fish. Whether you are just beginning to fish or are an experienced angler, there is always something to learn. Here we have put together a collection of our favorite fishing and tackle tips from the first half of 2018 that will lead to more success on the water.

In the video below Intern Gavin shares his top tips for fishing a tube for smallmouth, 2 ways to fish shallow cover, 3 ways to fish swimbaits, and his top 3 chatterbait trailers.

“Tackle Tuesday” Tips Table Of Contents

Check out the timestamps below if you want to jump right to specific tip segments of the video.

Tube Fishing For Smallmouth

2 Shallow Cover Fishing Techniques

3 Ways To Fish Swimbaits

Top 3 Chatterbait Trailers

We Want Your Best Tackle Tips Feedback

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Long story short, we know this process isn’t perfect and we want your help to make it as great as possible. Let us know in the comments what other types of tips you’d like to see on our channel. Do you want more species variations? Are you interested in more specific technical tips? We’ll never know unless you tell us! Please leave us a tip video you’d love to see and we’ll get one of our experts on filming it ASAP! If you haven’t already, go check out the Mystery Tackle Box YouTube Channel, too!

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