Rain Rain Go Away – 4 Hacks For Fishing In The Rain

Rain Rain Go Away - 4 Hacks For Fishing In The Rain

Fishing in the rain has always been either feast or famine for me. I’ve caught plenty of fish during rainstorms but I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite time to fish. However, over the years, I’ve learned a few rainy day hacks that have helped me put a land a few more fish. Here are a few quick tips on fishing in the rain.

Dress For Success

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Staying dry is key. It’s number one on my list because it’s the number one reason people don’t last very long in the rain. They either get wet or get cold. Or they get wet and cold. Anytime you’re fishing you want to be prepared for the weather, this becomes even more important during the stormy days.

Invest in a good rain suit once and you’ll thankful you did for years to come. However, if you’re looking to stay dry on a budget, look for the Foggs Toggs rain set at any local Walmart. A pair of rain pants and jacket will cost you under $30. Not best rain suit but good enough to keep you dry. Plus they’re super lightweight.

Go With The Flow

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Culverts, drainages, feeder creeks and other areas you see water dumping into a lake or river are areas you want to target. The surge of flowing water serves as a conveyor belt serving up fresh nutrients to awaiting fish looking for an easy meal. Cast into the flowing water and work your bait back in the direction of the current. This is the direction fish will be facing and feeding.

Move Up The Bank

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As the water rises, hungry fish push up closer to the bank searching out areas that were just recently dry land. Fresh food and a chance to check out new roaming grounds are reasons fish push up shallow during rainstorms. Rain also stains water which decreases visibility. For added security fish will relate to shallow water cover like brush, trees, and docks during this time. Work your bait tight to shallow water cover and don’t be afraid to really bump right against the target areas. Some of my best bites in the rain have come by bumping spinnerbaits against hard shallow cover.

Try A Topwater

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On warmer rainy days don’t be afraid to pull out a topwater bait. Fish are generally more active and roaming while it’s raining and anglers can take advantage of this by casting topwater lures. Some of the best surface explosions I’ve ever seen fishing have happened on a wet day. Whopper Ploppers, buzzbaits, and walking stickbaits are three of my personal favorites.

That’s it! Those are my three tips for fishing in the rain, hopefully, you’ve soaked up these tips and are ready to venture outside.

One more thing…. If you hear thunder or see lighting – GO HOME. Most rods are made of graphite which is an electrical conductor. It’s not a good idea to be outside during a lightning storm and definitely not a good idea to be waving a conductor over you’re head. Tight lines and stay safe!

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