I Want To Fish With Paul George

I Want To Fish With Paul George

Paul George is very good at basketball. Also, Paul George loves to fish. I want to fish with Paul George.

Paul George, who has two first names, has even won a tournament with pro angler Jacob Wheeler! Now I know what you’re thinking. This happens all the time with celebrities trying to be more like a common man. “He doesn’t know how to fish,” or “He’s just trying to relate to the fans.” But, he actually outfished Wheeler in that tournament! They won with a bag of over 20 lbs and Paul George also had big bass of the day with a 5.5 pounder.

I’d let Paul George carry me to tourney victory any day.

He’s been posting fishing pictures to Instagram for years and has loved fishing since he was a kid. I must get in on this.

But, what should I do? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Abuse the power of my company’s large social media following and shamelessly ask Paul George to fish with me until he does.

paul george fishing

Does anyone know how to make this happen? Should I slide up in the DM’s? Do you know a guy who knows a guy who knows Paul George? This is my mission now, I have to fish with him. Preferably on the golf course he pulled that mondo from.

If you need me, I’ll be shooting my shot on Paul George’s pictures of fish all playoffs long. If you see me there, say what’s up.

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