I Love/Hate Matthew McConaughey’s Ice Fishing Commercial: A Breakdown

I Love/Hate Matthew McConaughey's Ice Fishing Commercial: A Breakdown

Alright alright alright. As I’m sure you’ve all seen by now, Matthew McConaughey has a new Lincoln car commercial where he goes ice fishing in the coolest looking Interstellar place ever.

I’ve watched several times and I can’t tell if I want to go ice fishing, buy a Lincoln, or call that Mega-Texan Matthew McConaughey out for that (slightly) oversized treble hook and DEFINITELY being rich enough to own a gas powered auger. It’s got me Dazed and Confused. But, you be the judge.

How To Lose A Fish In 10 Seconds: Sit in Serenity half a mile away and watch your tip up from binoculars, then casually stroll on over to check out the flag. The rest of this commercial was Matthew sprinting after his flag like this..


One thing I know for sure I love about tip ups. You get older and they stay the same age.

It definitely beats jiggin’ in a shanty, but an ice fishing safety reminder: don’t go ice fishing alone. If the ice cracked or that car suffered a Failure to launch, McConaughey would be in need of a True Detective to find him. OK that was the last one I promise. Magic Mike.

Anyways, what’d you guys think of this commercial? Accurate ice fishing depiction or total miss?

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