How To Fish A Baitcaster The Right Way

How To Fish A Baitcaster The Right Way

Fishing a baitcaster can seem like a challenge at first but with the right approach and set-up, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks. We’ve broken down a quick video giving you all the details to get dialed with a baitcaster. Soon enough you’ll be skipping docks and launching crankbaits like your favorite pro! One tip that really helped me learn was practicing at home. Pitching jigs into coffee cans helped to get comfortable with my set-up and gave me the confidence to start picking up a casting reel.

Just like anything, it comes down to practice. No one is born a good at fishing with a baitcaster it’s one of those things that takes practice and repetition. Eventually, your fishing pole will feel like an extension of your arm and you won’t even have to think about making a cast, it’ll just feel natural.

Staying In The Specs

Using the right size lure with the rod to maximize casting distance. Always made to meet the minimum to help the rod to load in the tip otherwise the lure will dive straight down.

Choosing The Right Line

All three line types will work well but Mono is the most affordable and generally the easiest to use. We recommended starting off with mono and then advancing to Braided or Fluorocarbon once you’re more confident in your abilities.

Setting The Reel

Adjust your tension knob enough so that when you open the bail and let your lure free fall, it slowly falls to the ground without backlashing. Doing this will help you become familiar with casting your baitcaster while preventing backlashes.

Setting the braking system the right way will help you get dialed in with your reel. For beginners, we suggest your braking system with the most brakes applied. If you break dial goes is numbered set it to the highest number and slowly work down the dial as you become more comfortable.

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