Find The Grass And Find The Fish

Find The Grass And Find The Fish

Fishing fall grass is may seem unusual but weeds are wonderful spots to search for bass when the leaves on the trees and aquatic vegetation start turning brown. Weeds dying in the fall causes oxygen depletion in some areas that can lead to poor fishing, but some dead vegetation can be just as good as the green stuff. Some of the backwater areas when the weeds are dying will have some pH problems, but that will not be in the issue out on the main lake where there is current. So you can concentrate on fishing weeds until the water temperature falls into the low 50s.

Fishing Fall Grass: Creeks Vs Flats

Bass tend to go to the weeds in the backs of creeks in the fall but if there is good ample cover on the main lake you can still catch them there. The type of lake determines where the best weed action will be in the fall. Baitfish will migrate to the shallow weeds on lakes with main lake flats, but on deep reservoirs, the biggest concentration of baitfish activity will be in the vegetation at the backs of creeks.

Whereas in the summer bass hold in deeper weeds or in the shade of thick vegetation, autumn’s cooler weather allows the bass to roam freely through the weeds at all depths. So you can catch fish from the surface to 10 feet deep in the vegetation because the water temperature starts to get the same throughout the water column. You need to vary the depth by the day and location that you are fishing because the fish will get a little higher up in the weeds in the fall with the cooler water.

Fishing Fall Grass: Transition Periods

How To Fish A Texas Rig

During the summer to fall transition, a 1-ounce jig works best when the water is still warm and you need to punch a lure through the matted grass. If the weeds are sparse, switch to a 1/2-ounce jig for flipping around the weed edges.

Aquatic vegetation that has been growing all summer reaches its high point in the fall and bass tend to suspend in the weeds then. A 1/2-ounce buzz bait is a primary lure for coaxing suspended bass from the weeds. If you see a lot of surface activity in the vegetation, buzz a hollow-bodied frog across the top of the weeds. Spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits are also good choices for running through weeds.

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