An Underwater Look At The Karl’s Amazing Baits Martian

An Underwater Look At The Karl's Amazing Baits Martian

Karl’s Amazing Bait Martian

Karl’s Amazing Baits little Martian has been was launched into the fishing galaxy because of its unique ability to fool fish. Measuring just under two inches, the Martian has a ribbed body beefy enough for natural hooking ability. Below the frame are two martian like antennas that dangle and quiver with gentle strokes of the rod. Pair this fish magnet with your favorite jig head or slip bobber technique and get to work — the results will be out of this world.

Rigging Suggestions

Rod + Reel: Light Action Spinning Combo
Line: 4-6 lb monofilament or fluorocarbon
Rigging Options: Jighead, Slip bobber, Drop Shot

Customer Reviews

Panfish seemed to hit this on every cast!!!


The action these baits provide are truly one-of-a-kind! I got the pink bodied baits with a green forked tail. I attached the bait to a 2″ jig head I’d acquired from a previous MTB. I really love the diversity in these baits.


Ran outta worms panfishing and remembered these in the mystery tackle box. Hooked em thru the head, drop shot style wacky hook, with a slip shot about a foot up and caught everything from bluegill and crappie to largemouth

Big R

Karl’s Amazing Martian Colorways

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