A Deeper Look At The Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait

A Deeper Look At The Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait

Created with help from Elite Series pro, Mark Daniels Jr., the Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait is a mid-range crankbait designed with a tight and compact body that resembles the action of forage common to many waterways. The internal weight transfer system allows for long casts and thumping rattles. The versatile Bill Lewis MR-6 will help create a unique rattling and swimming action that helps elicit strikes. Pair your Bill Lewis MR-6 crankbait with a medium action casting rod and 10-14 fluorocarbon line and start fishing moderate depths where you believe fish are hanging out, it won’t take long to get your rod bent.

Customer Reviews

Me Likey. This lure has created instant success in my fishing game but again needs to be heavier


It’s a bill Lewis and MDJjr design. Works great outta the package good colors and patterns. Already use a lot of his plugs. Used VMC hybrid treble hooks on back and boom just go to work


This lure gets the job done. Had many success in my area of Maryland fishing with this lure.


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