46 Anglers Got Stuck On A Floating Chunk Of Ice (Rescued By Coastguard)

46 Anglers Got Stuck On A Floating Chunk Of Ice (Rescued By Coastguard)

Dozens of ice anglers hoping to catch one more Lake Erie walleye were rescued after unstable ice conditions caused a patch of ice to detach from shore leaving them stranded on a floating ice chunk a mile out. Quick acting first responder’s using airboats and a helicopter were able to successfully rescue the stranded anglers within a few hours.

While it’s easy to play the Monday Morning Quarterback and call these anglers foolish for venturing out in such dangerous conditions, I’m not going to do that.

I may have been one of those guys too. Chasing big bites gives me tunnel vision where the end goal (fish) turns into my only focal point. I get so caught up in fishing that it leads me to think less critically about things that don’t involve catching a fish.

This story serves as a reminder of why it’s important to think thoughtfully before embarking on something potentially dangerous, like ice fishing.

Also, Shoutout to the US Coast Guard for coming in so clutch with the assist on this one. Those guys and gals are truly incredible. Make sure to check out our boating tips blog to help you have a safe boating season!

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