2 Record Catfish Landed By North Carolina Anglers In The Same Month!

2 Record Catfish Landed By North Carolina Anglers In The Same Month!

If there was ever a time to go catfishing in North Carolina, it’s right now. In July 2020, two record catfish were confirmed by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. Here’s the story:

North Carolina Record Blue Catfish

North Carolina Record Catfish
Joey Baird, his friend, and a 121 pound blue catfish.

The first record-setting cat was a 121 pound, 9-ounce blue catfish hauled in by Joey Baird. Fishing cut bait in a feeder creek of Lake Gaston, a place famous for holding enormous catfish.

The fish measured out 60 1/2 inches with a girth of 40 1/2 inches and helped Joey etch his name into the North Carolina record books.

North Carolina State Record Flathead Catfish

North Carolina Record Catfish
Tyler Barnes record catfish weighed just under 79 pounds.

A few weeks later. Tyler Barnes hooked a live sunfish and cast it out into the Neuse River, hoping to fool a big catfish into thinking they have an easy meal. His plan worked, and the Pikeville man brought in the fattest flathead catfish ever recorded. Tyler fish weighed just under 79 pounds with a total length of 52 inches. 

Congrats to Joey and Tyler on their record-setting catches and good luck to any angler with the hopes of catching the next record fish. I know one thing for sure, you can’t catch them from the couch.

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